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Meet Taylor Music

Hi, my name is Taylor Music. Yes, Music really is my last name and no I don’t have any musical talents. It’s truly a missed opportunity, I imagine fame would be knocking on the door if I could only sing.

I am a recent graduate from Wichita State University, and I am excited to be a part of the Hexcode Designs team. I am a proud dog mom of a golden retriever named Kai. Kai takes up a majority of my free time and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I find myself presenting her food with “Kai, your dinner is served”…..she is spoiled rotten to say the least.

I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma and that is where I learned the importance of community. In a small town you know everybody’s name and their story. There is a sense of pride in the community that I strive to take with me in whatever city I go into.

Why social media?

I am often asked, why social media marketing? The easy answer would be “I grew up with social media so it comes easy to me”, but the truth is, I like the challenge of it. Sure, I know how to use the platforms but that’s not what social media marketing is. Social media marketing is coming to work each day with my creative hat on. Coming up with relevant content is a challenge to say the least.

Social media has many facets to it, so no two days look the same in my job. The variety social media brings to the work day is one of the many reasons I enjoy it. One day I am posting about fixing toilets, the next I am creating content for a female owned granola company.

My social media marketing journey began with my first summer college internship with QuiCC. QuiCC is an app that transcribes ctaptions for video content. I learned how to articulate a brand’s voice through online platforms. My mentor at Quicc was the founder of The Digital Neighborhood, Krissy Buck. Krissy taught me the importance of building online communities. One line Krissy always said was to “Go with the goers”. Going with the goers means pouring into your supporters rather than chasing unicorns. By pouring into a community of followers that already believe in your product, cause, or mission it allows you to expand your platforms through organic connections. I am forever grateful to Krissy and her wisdom!

Graduating During a Pandemic

“I graduated in a pandemic.”….. Never thought I would say that! COVID-19 took away the excitement of graduating. There was no more going to class, no more “studying” at the library with my best friends, and no more graduation. COVID-19 sparked fear that there would be no jobs for me to apply to post graduation because of the economic effects. My biggest fear came true when my initial post grad job fell through. One thing after another my post grad dreams crumbled. So then what? I won’t lie… I spent many days sulking. Then, I had an epiphany. It is rare to be graduating in a pandemic. If I can be resilient rather than being a victim, I can set myself apart from others in the job market one day. Graduating in 2020 meant jobs were going to be hard to come by. I made myself apply to one job a day during my month of quarantine due to being furloughed from my part time job. I didn’t hear back from a majority of the jobs but then there was 1 job I did hear back from. That 1 interview was my chance and I didn’t take that lightly. This positive and determined mindset led me to landing a great job that will grow my marketing experience exponentially. Flipping the switch from victim to resilience made me realize I was still lucky to be able to obtain a college degree and a new job.

Digital and Social Media Manager

Joining Hexcode Designs is a dream post graduation job. I bring two years of experience in social media management through various internships for different companies. I’ve worked for a technology company, health food store, jewelry store, and even for a wedding gown designer. I enjoy social media management because I can use my creativity and analytical skills to curate content that gets your message across and achieves goals whether it be sales, exposure, etc.. I find purpose in helping companies get their brand voice across their messaging on all platforms. From plumbers to keto friendly granola, I can get your voice heard on social media.

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  1. I once read some where that occasionally consuming Braums Ice cream with foster like parents enhances ones mental marketing skills. Course it was social media so the old “grain of salt” adage may apply. ?

  2. Taylor- congratulations sweet gal! Your light will shine in all you do! I am blessed to know you!

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