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Branding is More Than Just a Logo

Our Monday Morning Minute last week was all about branding and this week was telling your story through branding. Branding, after all, is far more than just your logo and some colors. Your designs paired with your copy tell your entire company story, creating a cohesive, consistent message across all your marketing pieces.

Ask yourself, what do I want my client or customer to expect when they think of my business? Make it clear and memorable. You want to give your clients that personal, unique touch that sets you apart from all your competitors.

This is where we come in! We like to sit down with you and get to know all about your business, and sales message. Once we get a feel for your voice, design and target market, we are ready to combine all of that information and come up with a plan.

So, everything from web design to social media to print should look and feel similar across the board. Good branding will help in creating recognition and a connection with your target market, resulting in brand loyalty, trust and bringing repeat business and referrals.

Make sure you tune in next week to learn more about design!

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Posted in Branding by Chrissy Robben on November 29, 2018.

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