Chrissy Robben

Chrissy Robben

Owner/Chief Executive Officer

Chrissy is all about design and marketing strategy, helping your designs to be beautiful and functional. Her inability to settle for anything less than the absolute best keeps her pushing our team every day to exceed client expectations. With Bachelor’s degrees from WSU in both Political Science and Graphic Design, Chrissy is secretly a giant research-loving nerd.

Outside of the office, you’re most likely to find Chrissy at one of the local sports fields chasing her sons, or killing her unsuspecting opponents in volleyball, or just maybe enjoying a quiet night in with her husband.

Taylor Ladner

Taylor Ladner

Graphic Designer

While Taylor came to us for her designing prowess, she brings her BS in Communications Studies from KU to provide our clients with beautiful design that works. After finishing her BA in Graphic Design at WSU, Taylor focused mostly on freelance print design but since joining Hexcode has taken and run with web, crafting clean, modern styles for our clients.

Outside of the office, Taylor loves chasing after her 3 kids and is always happy to sit down for a great chat (with a glass of wine, of course!).

Taylor Music, Digital & Social Media Manager

Taylor Music

Digital & Social Media Manager

Taylor came to us fresh out of college with her BS in Marketing from WSU and enjoys the variety social media brings to her job. She is skilled at catching on to your brand voice quickly and getting your message across the various social media platforms. Taylor is a go-getter and has worked for 3 different companies, managing their social media accounts during her time in college. Taylor brings a fresh perspective to the Hexcode team!

Outside of the office, you can find Taylor being the world’s best #dogmom to her golden retriever Kai and probably on a patio somewhere socializing.